Digital Electronics for Satellites & Launchers

RUAG Space supplies radiation-hard and fault-tolerant computers to ensure that rockets make it into space safely
and that the various systems on board satellites work together seamlessly, year after year. Our navigation receivers are able to determine a satellite’s orbital position to the nearest centimeter.

Because there is no helpdesk in space. Digital electronics you can rely on.

RUAG Space has been supplying guidance computers to the Ariane launcher all the way from the start of the program. This was the starting point for developing a strong base of expertise in highly reliable computer system products. Today RUAG counts deliveries to the Ariane program in the hundreds and the company’s Data Handling Systems and control computers for diverse satellite applications are trusted by numerous commercial and scientific missions.

RUAG’s systems apply state-of-the art fault tolerance mitigation principles in all aspects.

Through a wealth of experiences with European and overseas customers, we master all sorts of interfaces and protocols.

RUAG’s computer products are often delivered with operating system software and device drivers but RUAG does also have experience from complete application system software delivery.

The hardware is built with extensive use of in-house developed ASICs to reduce volume and to increase reliability.

RUAG Space has a well-established expertise in the area of signal processing with emphasis on the highly accurate processing of signals with large bandwidths. RUAG has in a number of programs developed both hardware and software for scientific instruments and for navigation receivers.