Units in Electrical Power Subsystems

RUAG Space is a major European supplier of Electrical Power Subsystems and Power Distribution Units for scientific and earth observation satellites with several deliveries to different satellites. ...

Our Electrical Power Subsystem is capable of providing all functions i.e. control, conversion and distribution of the required electrical power from the battery or Solar Array to satisfy the power needs of electrical functions of the satellite. The system is highly reliable using internal redundancy and includes advanced hardware support for autonomous missions.

RUAG Space expertise in Power Conditioning and Distribution Units (PCDU) design has been used in delivering to PCDU in ESA’s ADM-Aeolus mission and managing Electrical Power Subsystem for Solar Orbiter. Power Distribution Units (PDU) have been designed and developed for Venus Express, Mars Express, Rosetta both for subsystem and payload units, Swarm, and Cryosat 1 & 2. RUAG Space operates also actively in the New Space segment delivering Power Distribution Units to New Space customers.

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