Receivers & Converters

RUAG has already supplied more than 1,200 receivers and converters for telecommunication satellites of globally renowned customers. Our microwave units cover UHF to Ka-band frequencies, are small in size and characterized by low noise, high linearity and excellent frequency stability. It is not only the technical properties of our products that lead many commercial satellite missions to select RUAG Space as their partner of choice, but also our short delivery times, strict awareness of costs...

Receivers and Frequency Converters

Receivers and Frequency Converters for communication payloads are our main products and our equipment is used on a large number of telecom satellites.

RUAG Space provides receivers/converters for:

  • FSS/BSS (C-, Ku- and Ka-band)
  • Ka-band Broadband & Multimedia applications
  • GEO Mobile

Our high-performance Converters/Receivers are used by a diversity of service providers: Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES, Telesat, Hispasat, Thuraya, DirecTV and others.

RUAG Space Converters/Receivers are characterized by small size, low noise, high linearity, excellent frequency stability and low spurious levels. All of which is achieved by the use of miniaturization technologies such as MMIC, ceramic substrates etc - combined with a long experience and skill in design and manufacture of telecom equipment.

RF Sensing

Our RF Sensing System provides excellent attitude measurements, which can enable accurate focusing of the payload transmit power to the areas where it is best needed.


Our electronics for Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) is used in all the major ESA SAR satellites; ERS-1, -2, Envisat and GMES/Sentinel-1. The high performance and excellent frequency stability has enabled features like multiple pass interferometry, giving the world a new tool for picturing our planet’s surface in three dimensions.

At RUAG Space we use our long experience combined with advanced technologies and modern facilities to ensure that our products fulfill the requirements for new generations of communications and earth observation satellites.