Production Services

RUAG Space has modern and efficient facilities for production of high-quality electronics. We offer technical and production services to everyone, based on the knowledge and experience gained from our space heritage....

Linked to our production we offer a full range of services spanning the complete value stream – from design and analysis to procurement, production and a variety of test services. In our high-quality production facility we use highly automated processes combined with manual workmanship as needed. We continuously conduct extensive programs for training and certification of all our employees and adopt new technologies to further automate our production facilities and minimize the number of steps in our processes, all with the goal to be able to offer competitive high-quality production services for low to medium production volumes.

During two decades we have successfully provided our production services also to other markets than space, such as med-tech, telecom and defence, but we also respond to the increasing NewSpace market interest in our services. Besides standard Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and final assemblies we also offer Multi-Chip-Module assemblies on different hybrid substrates like thick film, thin film and LTCC. Within the environmental test segment we are capable of performing qualification and acceptance tests from component level up to system level. Finally we offer the services of our well-equipped in-house analysis laboratory where highly skilled and experienced personnel perform a variety of material and failure analysis.

Our electronics production services are characterized by:

  • Total cost focus: High quality, competence and skills give competitive total cost.
  • Flexible volume: Experience from project volumes from single to 17,000 boards yearly.
  • High competence and wide process-range at one site: From printed circuit board or Multi-Chip-Module assemblies up to functional and environmental tests and advanced material and failure analysis, radiation tests etc.
  • Excellent quality system: Correct quality in every process is part of our way of doing business, supported by our management system.
  • Efficient logistics: Our ERP system keeps track of our work-orders, materials, components etc, providing traceability according to the highest demands. Value stream analysis is used to reduce waste in transports, buffers, storage etc.
  • Efficient planning: All projects are prioritized and planned to detailed task-level, based on the Critical Chain philosophy using visual planning and a pull-flow.