Cryogenic Thermal Insulation Coolcat

Our Multi-Layer Insulation for cryogenic applications is used for MRI as well as liquid Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen cryostats; Liquefied Natural Gas tanks and piping...

We can offer a broad range of standard insulation packages with polyester foils and different spacers as well as custom Multi-Layered Thermal Insulation blankets.

Your benefits:

  • Save up to 80 % integration time using our pre-fabricated Cryogenic Superinsulation (compared to traditional winding methods)
  • Built-in installation aids in our prefabricated Superinsulation ensure fail safe mounting and guarantee reliably high cryostat performance
  • Unique testing capabilities to verify material performance and properties down to 4K.
  • Shortest lead time due to the lean Cryogenic workflow (best use of material database for cryogenic temperatures, parametric Superinsulation designs as well as efficient production and delivery starting from low volumes)

Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) for cryogenic applications is covered by the Coolcat Line of Multi-Layered Thermal Insulation products:

Coolcat 2 NW

The thermal insulation Coolcat 2 NW is used e.g. for MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)  and NMR Systems (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)

Coolcat 2 NW is a spacered superinsulation composed of 10 layers of polyester foil, double-sided aluminized, perforated and interleaved with 10 layers of non-woven polyester spacer material.

Coolcat 2 NF

Coolcat 2 NF is used e.g. for Hydrogen and LNG systems (Liquefied natural gas) 

Coolcat 2 NF is a spacered superinsulation composed of multiple layers of glass fibre fleece spacer interleaved with multiple layers of 9µm pure aluminium foil.

Coolcat 2 LOX

Coolcat 2 LOX is used e.g. for Liquid Oxygen Systems

Coolcat 2 LOX is a spacered superinsulation composed of 5 layers of pure aluminium foil interleaved with 5 layers of glass fibre cloth spacer.

Coolcat 2 NI

Coolcat 2 NI is used e.g. for SQUIDs (Superconducting quantum interference device) and Superconducting Machines

Coolcat 2 NI is a spacered Multi-layered Thermal Insulation composed of 10 layers of polyester foil, single-sided aluminized in squares of 10 mm x 10 mm or double-sided aluminized in squares of 20 mm x 20 mm, interleaved with 10 layers of non-woven polyester spacer material.

Coolcat 4K 

Coolcat 4K is used e.g. for Liquid Helium Vessel Surface

Coolcat 4K is a low absorptance helium vessel laminate for thermal insulation of cold masses at 4K. It is a laminate of a 6 µm pure aluminium foil and a 12 µm polyester foil, double-side aluminized 

Coolcat H – Welding Protection

Coolcat H is a welding protection made of aluminium foil and fiberglass cloth. It is recommended for the protection of polyester superinsulation against welding heat.

Coolcat B-R50 – Cryogenic Adhesive Tape

Coolcat B-R50 is used e.g. for Closure of Insulation

Coolcat B-R50 is a low emissivity adhesive tape optimized for use under cryogenic environment. It is composed of a 25 µm polyester foil carrier, double-sided aluminized and a high purity pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Coolcat 1050 – Cryogenic Aluminum Tape

Coolcat 1050 is applied directly onto 4K surfaces to provide lowest absorption of thermal radiation.

SUCCESS STORY: MLI for ultrapowerful X-ray Laser

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), a United States Department of Energy national laboratory specializing in high-energy particle physics, delivered the first cryomodule for the ultrapowerful X-ray Laser  at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in January 2018. RUAG Space has designed and supplied the Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) for the cryomodules and connecting shields, as well as the 55K Multi-Layer Insulation and interconnection MLI assembly.