Satellite Multi-Layer Insulation

RUAG Space is the competence center for the research and development, design, manufacturing and integration of all Thermal Control elements for space applications like e.g. Multi-Layer Insulations....

Since 1991 the company has established significant know-how in the design, development, manufacturing and integration of

  • Multi Layer Insulation (MLI)
  • Optical Solar Reflectors (OSR)
  • Interfillers
  • Sensors
  • Heaters

Our quality approach to Thermal Hardware is supported by our proven track record of supply into the space industry since the beginning of our activities.

If you are interested in Thermal Insulations for non-space we are also offering Cryogenic Insulations for other areas.

Interested? For more information please contact:
Niklas Boman, Director Marketing & Sales Spacecraft
T: +41 79 77 07 107

SUCCESS STORY: Thermal insulation for all Galileo satellites

Since the start of the Galileo program RUAG Space has produced every thermal insulation for the whole Galileo satellite constellation. The Galileo satellites are ‘wrapped up’ almost entirely in a special thermal insulation blanket to ensure that the sensitive onboard electronics are not damaged by the extreme temperature fluctuations encountered by the satellites in space.