Electric Propulsion Pointing

RUAG Space delivers qualified Pointing Mechanisms for electric propulsion thrusters, which are increasingly used on commercial satellite platforms and scientific spacecraft due to their advantages in fuel mass efficiency.


The Pointing Mechanism supports the electric propulsion thrusters in their nominal position during launch, by means of a dedicated hold down and release mechanism and reduces the mechanical loads on the thrusters via dedicated damper elements.

Upon its release, the thrusters can be tilted around two axes. This motion is facilitated by two actuators, which drive the platform either via a strut-linkage around a spherical joint or a cross gimbal type arrangement.


RUAG Electric Propulsion Mechanisms are used for:

  • north south station keeping,
  • orbit topping,
  • momentum dumping,
  • east west station keeping,
  • orbit raising,
  • de-orbiting and
  • interplanetary propulsion.


RUAG Space can deliver Pointing Mechanisms for any thruster available on the market, for the following thrusters the mechanisms are qualified:

  • Fakel SPT 100 (Plasma),
  • Fakel STP 140 (Plasma),
  • Snecma PPS 1350 (Plasma),
  • Snecma PPS 5000 (Plasma)
  • Airbus ROS 2000 (Plasma),
  • QinetiQ T6 (Ion),
  • MMS/QinetiQ EIT (Ion) and
  • Airbus RIT (Ion).