Rotary Actuators

RUAG offers a portfolio of rotary actuators covering a wide range of applications by providing high Output torque, high Resolution, low mass, high unpowered detend torque and high external load capability together with Long life Performance.


RUAG Rotary Actuators are used for:

  • Antenna Deployment
  • Antenna Pointing
  • Solar Array Deployment
  • Electric Propulsion Pointing

Satellite Antenna Rotary Actuator SARA21

The SARA21 Satellite Antenna Rotary Actuator is designed to drive any type of space borne mechanism, while also transmitting a highly accurate position signal to the onboard electronics. It is used to activate a mechanism operating in one or several rotational axes. Typical uses include antenna pointing, solar array deployment and other customized applications. The SARA21 has significant flight heritage.

Small Actuator SA15

The SA15 Small Actuator is designed for pointing applications where high unpowered detent torque and low actuator mass are required. Typical applications are Electric Propulsion Pointing Mechanisms. The SA15 is qualified to a high quasi-static load capability of 70g and due to its modular concept it can be equipped with specific sensors and is highly configurable to customer demands.

Geared Actuator GA15

The GA15 Geared Actuator is a low mass actuator with high output torque and high unpowered detent torque, maintaining its pointing direction in un-powered condition even under high back driving torques. Typical applications are Electric Propulsion Pointing Mechanisms. The GA15 is equipped with redundant potentiometers in coarse / fine arrangement as angular sensors, and with Hall effect reference sensors in coarse fine arrangement to attain high reference accuracy.

Hollow Shaft Actuator HS3

The HS3 Hollow Shaft actuator has a through hole size of 72 mm. This actuator is developed for antenna pointing mechanisms. A micro-vibration reduced version of this actuator is available. Due to its modular concept it is highly configurable to customer demands.

Sealed Brush Gear Motor SBGM

The Sealed Brush Gear Motor is mainly dedicated as in orbit deployment motion control and actuation mechanism for solar array panels. But the SBGM can also be used for other applications where a robust, simple and space qualified actuator is needed. The SBGM mechanism can be operated in motor and generator (brake) mode. No complex electronic controller is needed.

Actuator CSA10

The CSA10 actuator is designed for assembly into thruster pointing mechanisms. It has been developed with a focus on robustness, including generous margins of safety and on achieving a small output step size.


To satisfy a wide range of customer needs in terms of electrical interface and mechanical characteristics and to allow high performance and low mass mechanism assemblies by optimized motorisation solutions RUAG offers a portfolio of geared high detent torque stepper motors. These motors have clean detent torque, meaning stable high detent torque positions at any full step position and at any half step position, and offer high load capability. Major motor parameters as output torque, step size, phase resistance, number of phases, or the unpowered detent torque are selectable to customer needs. To provide an optimized drive solution the NEMO motors are combined with planetary gears PG and harmonic drive gears HD of a wide range of available gear ratios.

Deployment Mechanism for Large Appendage DESY

RUAG Space provides a spring driven, non-reversible Deployment System for Large Appendages, which is focusing on high position accuracy and stiffness in the deployed configuration. In addition, it also provides an integrated deployment damper to eliminate the end position latching shock. This Deployment System is intended for the deployment of large appendages such as large Reflector Antennas or Solar Arrays

Deployment Dampers

RUAG provides the Eddy Current Damper ECD and the Viscous Deployment Damper for passive driven mechanisms for antenna, solar array and payload deployment.

The Eddy Current Damper ECD is designed to fulfill a wide range of applications on satellites in LEO and GEO orbit that are used for scientific or telecommunications purposes by using a standard product to minimize costs on system level. The Eddy Current Damper is a passive device.

The Viscous Deployment Damper essentially consists of housing and rotor. When turned, the rotor forces highly viscous working fluid through narrow gaps. The resistive torque thus generated is proportional to shaft angular rotation rate and fluid viscosity. The damper is available in versions for deployment angles up to 90° and up to 270° deployment.