Solar Array Drive Mechanisms

RUAG offers the full range of Solar Array Drives Mechanisms for all kinds of applications with more than 650 years of cumulated flight time.

For better performance, the Solar Array panels have to be aligned continuously to get maximum sun light onto the solar cells. The rotating mechanism performing this task is the Solar Array Drive Mechanism (SADM) which acts as the actuator and electrical power (and data) transfer element between the Solar Arrays and spacecraft body, with the goal to rotate the solar array at the required speed, accuracy and in the required direction. Defined by the satellite platform power demand, satellite integrators find the right product within RUAG’s SADM family. A wide power range of power transfer capability, starting from 100W and ending over 30kW per Solar Array wing, can be supported.

High flexibility, reliable serial production

Based on our experience, RUAG offers Solar Array Drive Mechanism (SADM) products which are outstanding for minimized mechanical jitter disturbance what guarantees best results for optical payload application. With our individual mathematical models we are able to support customer’s system requirements reviews in order to analyze individual mission demands. By having high flexibility in interface freezing, changes can be easily implemented late in the production process. Due to reliable serial production, no spare parts are required for our clients.