Slip Rings for Space, Defence, Industry

RUAG Space is offering Slip Rings for space, defence and industrial applications. ...

Slip Rings for Space Applications

With visits to Vesta, Ceres, the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and Mercury in the near future, RUAG Space has a vast know-how on slip rings working under extreme conditions.


  • Efficient and reliable systems working in space since 25 years
  • Outstanding flight experience
  • Reliable in extreme temperatures (from -120° to 300°C)
  • Double insulation
  • Very high power density
  • Robust arcing protection

With more than 1700 years of cumulated flying hours in space, RUAG Space is the leading manufacturer of slip rings for space applications worldwide. Efficiency and reliability are the key factors of a success that has reached the edge of our solar system. Most of telecommunication satellites worldwide are equipped with RUAG Space slip rings (100 satellites currently flying, representing 40% of the total number of satellites).

RUAG Space slip rings have also been extensively used for decades in space mechanisms and instruments such as: radiometers, control momentum gyros, centrifuges, antenna pointing mechanisms, drilling mechanisms, despin mechanisms.

Slip Rings for Defence Applications

High quality manufacturing of custom-made designs allows producing optimized solutions with performance levels far above standard products. Our multidisciplinary technical teams have the know-how and experience to match very demanding requirements of defense systems.


  • Tested in action
  • Working in harsh environments
  • Reliable for a very high number of revolutions
  • Designed for limited and easy maintenance
  • Capability to manufacture everything from prototypes to large batches
  • Transmission from high electrical power to DC, RF and MW signals
  • Integration of optical rotary joints
  • Transfer of fluids and gazes
  • Custom made solutions
  • Swift customer support

Modern defence approaches require increasingly more high-tech electrical systems to be engaged in the operations’ field. For instance telecommunication, surveillance, pointing systems and so forth require power and signal transmission from a rotational to a standing structure in any type of environmental conditions (air-, space-, ground- and see-borne). With more than 40 years of experience as a slip ring manufacturer for defense applications, RUAG Space is recognized worldwide for its reliable solutions proven in action.

Slip Rings for Industrial Applications

From measurement and testing systems, robotics and turntables to packaging, bottling, handling, tooling and inspection machines, slip rings are found wherever there is a need to transfer electrical power and analog or digital signals between a stationary and a rotating platform. The high quality and reliability of slip rings from RUAG Space Nyon have been designed to work in the most demanding industrial conditions.


  • Customized design to optimize customer requirements
  • High-quality standards
  • Competitive price-performance ratio
  • Reliable in extremely high and low temperatures
  • Reliable in high humidity or corrosive environments, under vacuum and in controlled atmospheres
  • Resistant to vibrations and shocks
  • Long working cycles
  • Prevention of arcing in industrial environments
  • Capability to manufacture everything from prototypes to large batches