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Vocational Training

RUAG attaches particular importance to promoting vocational training. Apprentices make up some 8% of the workforce of RUAG in Switzerland.
Training is an investment in the company's future, because our employees are the foundation of our success. Special training centres staffed with full-time apprenticeship supervisors are available to trainees.

Our apprentices receive a good, solid grounding at work as part of a thorough on-the-job programme in which qualified vocational trainers are there to guide, support and challenge them. Depending on their specialism, the programme is divided into basic, complementary and in-depth educational stages. In addition to training within the company, apprentices also attend the appropriate vocational college. RUAG works closely with partners swissmem and Swiss Skills in the area of vocational training. The aim is to make our apprentices the best in their profession.

For further information about vocational training and the range of apprenticeships offered at RUAG, please visit our German Website.


Trial apprenticeships

Young people can take trial apprenticeships to learn about occupational life and our company in general, and to get to know their on-the-job supervisors and fellow workers. They can acquaint themselves with the materials, equipment, tools and machines as well as the nature of the work in their respective profession. Moreover, during a trial apprenticeship they get an idea of what the job demands from a technical, academic, interpersonal and physical point of view, and gain an insight into the workplace environment – in relation to line managers, colleagues, the pace of work, working hours, the work climate, etc.

A daily journal allows them to document the skills, experience and impressions that they have picked up, clarify any queries they may have, and take stock of their time with us when their trial apprenticeship comes to an end.

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