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Military Systems

You count on availability. We provide reliable solutions....

Effective aircraft and fleet management is key to fulfilling your mission needs and obligations. Our committed specialists support your military systems, ensuring affordable and sustainable life cycle support.

The core area of our expertise is integrated life cycle support for military aircraft fleets, focusing on select platforms of jet fighters, helicopters, propeller aircraft, transport aircraft, UAS, and air defense systems, while guaranteeing the support of these systems over their complete service life. Our decisive experience includes the professional support of aircraft, helicopters and UAS for the Swiss Armed Forces, the German Federal Armed Forces and numerous other international air forces.

Our life cycle support services include fleet management, engineering support, nose-to-tail maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO), avionics integration and upgrades, the development of hardware and software solutions, and final assembly, as well as remarketing. Achieving economies of scale based on  our profound experience allows our services to remain sustainable and affordable. And, as these comprehensive life cycle support solutions are provided from a single source, you save both time and money by minimizing the downtime of your aircraft or fleet.

We support you from the evaluation of your aircraft all the way through to its eventual remarketing or disposal, providing you with reliable and affordable solutions tailored to your individual requirements every step of the way.

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