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Guided Missiles

Guarantee safe operations.
Rely on expert know-how and continuing support.

A high quality and inherently reliable device continues to deliver convincing results, even over an extended life cylcle. Safeguard responsible and stable operations with our approved spare parts and MRO expertise.

The Sidewinder AIM-9P-4/5 guided missile retains its reputation as a viable and effective device. Maintaining the stability and reliability of existing missiles with approved spare parts and expert maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services is absolutely essential for continued safety and correct performance. We are your approved source for safeguarding the performance qualities you rely on.

You can count on our trusted services. We are the official contracual partner for the US Air Force for all services related to the Sidewinder AIM-9P-4/5 guided missile. The only MRO provider worldwide, we perform the MRO work down to depot level for upgrades, spare parts and other services for the Sidewinder AIM-9P-4/5 guided missile.

We also Support Sidewinder AIM-9P-4/5 guided missile operators worldwide with regular MRO services. Crucial to the guided missile's continued safe and reliable operation.