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Flight Simulation

Improve flight safety and control. Train with accurate and reliable professional simulation support....

Accurately anticipating and analyzing discrepancies in expected flight environments contribute significantly towards improved mission safety. Trust our established support and solutions for simulation and response technology. 

Flight environments are influenced by a myriad of variables all of which can cause fluctuations to the expected flight pattern. Anticipating, analyzing and resolving possible likely and unlikely changes throughout a mission envelope is crucial to optimized flight preparation and overall mission safety.  Our experience and solid performance in both flight simulation solutions and flight simulator systems combine to contribute towards the best possible conditions for flight preparation. Trusted by the Swiss Air Force as a long-standing partner, we prove a thorough knowledge and reliability.

Our engineers retain immense know-how  in this sector. The development, operation, maintenance, support and upgrade of flight simulators is one of our great strengths.

Flight Simulators

  • F/A-18 Mission Simulator SHOTS
  • F/A-18 Hornet Maintenance Training System SAMT
  • PC-7 Flight Simulator
  • UAV Mission Simulator - MISIM ADS 95 Ranger UAV