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Subsystems & Components

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house subsystems & components MRO shops.

Aircraft availability and reliable performance are decisive factors for your success. Fly with confidence. Trust our in-house MRO shops to ensure all your subsystems and components are ready to fly. 

When your subsystems and components are ready for their next maintenance task, our in-house shops are ready as well. Highly specialised professionals, streamlined processes, extended spare parts availability, selective loaner solutions, and the flexibility to meet all requirements make our shops fast, accurate and reliable.

Whether your requirements are solely maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), or they extend to engineering, manufacturing, metal finishing, non-destructive testing (NDT), implementation, or self-protection solutions, we manage all solutions precisely and expediently. You benefit from fast availability and extended life cycle capacity. Our capabilities include subsystems from engines, landing gear, avionics systems & software, wheels and brakes, power units, and life rafts and many more.

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