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Safeguard availability. Secure streamlined harness assemblies from our engineering services.

The availability of your aircraft is guaranteed when the integration of your modifications and upgrades is efficient as well as effective. Our engineering specialists optimise your components and your time.

The performance of your aircraft and its avionics are enhanced with targeted modifications and upgrades. Integrating these installations with reliable and streamlined harness assemblies safeguards performance and availability, ensuring your scheduled operations can go on as planned, safely and timely. We provide you with the expert engineering support, optimised solutions and equipment you need, ensuring your intricate installation is integrated intelligently, securely and reliably. We include the design and development of the necessary harness assemblies to enhance safety. Our technicians are extensively trained to the latest specifications and certified to European Cooperation for Space Standardisation (ECSS) standards

Choose our branched harnesses, cable deployment system, and sophisticated assemblies solutions to secure the precise performance. We support you with state-of-the-art engineering capabilities and highly trained personnel who will see your project through from prototyping to serial production. Our engineering team proves expertise for demanding applications including cable and harness assembly technology for Europe’s Ariane launch vehicle, the majority of helicopter and aircraft platforms belonging to the Swiss Air Force, and the Dornier 228. Rely on our team to assemble and integrate highly complex cables, mechanisms and components to meet the needs of your missions and operations.