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RUAG Ammotec possesses more than a century of expertise in the development and manufacturing of primary explosives, primers, and pyrotechnic mixtures. Products for generating acoustic, optical, thermal or mechanical effects are customised for civilian applications, for example in the field of automotive safety or for military use (e.g. tracer ammunition, propellant charge igniters, etc.)....

RUAG Ammotec meets the increased requirements in terms of long-term stability, handling safety, and environmental compatibility by synthesising innovative primary explosives. Based on customer requirements, non-toxic lead-free and heavy metal-free concepts are developed and realised with the use of new energetic components. Handling and functional safety, precision, and environmental compatibility are the top priorities. During quality control, a wide variety of chemical and physical examination methods are used in the laboratory, ranging from classical titration to X-ray fluorescence analysis. To ensure the validity of the tests, the laboratory participates in regular external interlaboratory tests. In addition, selected test methods are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Special services, particularly for evaluating the long-term stability of explosives or ammunition components and the non-destructive X-ray testing of components, are recognised by external partners as well as official institutions and are commissioned on a regular basis.