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Other Short-Range Ammunition

In addition to calibre 9 × 19, which enjoys the most widespread use around the world, law enforcement and armed forces use other calibres as well. Special units in particular like to rely on the subsonic calibre .45 ACP or a backup weapon of calibre .38 Special....

Ammotec offers a wide range of different calibers from 7.56mm Browning to 12/70 Magnum. As one of the only western ammunition manufacturers, we still produce cartridges from the Warsaw Pact such as 7.62x39 in different bullet types or 7.62x54 R. Contact us for more information on our products.


The full metal jacket round is an excellent value for a training and service round with high reliability and good accuracy. All components are produced in-house and perform seamlessly together for perfect functioning in all common types of pistol.


The ENTRY I is a special round designed to destroy door locks and hinges at close range. The pressed zinc powder projectile completely disintegrates upon impact and transfers its high kinetic energy on the target. There are no ricochets or backsplashes. Fast energy transfer in soft targets provides excellent stopping power.