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Hunting & Sports

Ammotec offers a unique and rich portfolio of manufactured high quality, high-performance and high precision ammunition for the demanding hunter and target sport shooter world wide. The brands RWS®, Rottweil®, GECO®, Norma® cover all areas of application for hunters and hobby or professional target sport shooters of centerfire rifle, shotshell and rimfire cartridges, to air rifle, handgun, reloading ammunition and for all disciplines. ...

This unique combination of brands, the extensive range of rifle cartridges, in numerous calibres and many different bullet types, paired with an outstanding assortment of Weapons and Trade Goods, including our own-manufactured moderator brand Hausken® and GECO® Optics, make RUAG Ammotec the undisputed market leader in Europe in this segment.

Our promise to our longstanding international retail customers as well as to our loyal end consumers:

Whatever your segment of choice – we have the right ammunition or gear for you!