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Geco Optics, Glock, Retay, Derya, HSProduct, Nitehog, ATN, FlunaTec, Neverlost

Ammotec additionally supply our trusted network of long standing retail partners, like specialist gun dealers and gunsmiths the world over, with selected brands that perfectly complement our own product range.

Ammotec distribute hunting and sporting gear from a carefully selected and curated mix of world renowned and trusted brands.

The range of weapons includes e.g. the brands F.A.I.R., Rößler, Derya, HSProduct and GLOCK, amongst others. The range of optics includes the GECO, NITEHOG, ATN to name a few. In order to be perfectly equipped for hunting or training purposes, you will also find high-quality accessories for hunting and shooting sports from brands such as FlunaTec, Maglula or Hoppe’s Boresnake.