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Volume and cost are at the center of our design....

From the blank page, volume production is in our minds. For constellation on board computing we propose to combine our NewSpace On Board Computer (cOBC) and NewSpace Interface Unit (cIU) products. If lead-time is more important than weight and total cost, you can combine cOBC with the appropriate cIU, choosing standard boards to fulfill your I/O needs. If weight and total cost is at the heart of your business plan, all I/O can be integrated inside the cOBC. I/O are based on the existing modules, so lead-time is under control, and the form factor is customized to your needs.

Do you have an existing product or idea that you wish to apply for a constellation and you need to reach lower cost and high volume production? We can help you either through re-design including introduction of COTS components and/or build-to-Print and/or test services (for example Thermal Vacuum Testing, Vibration and Shock testing).



Thomas Badinand
Marketing and Sales Manager, Digital New Space & US
T: +46 31 735 40 49

Michael Allen
Director Business Development Digital Products
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