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Power Electronics

RUAG Space offers a range of power electronics products for spacecraft, ranging from small DC/DC (Direct Current to Direct Current) converters to Power Conditioning and Distribution Units (PCDU)....

All electronic products have some type of power system, either embedded, modular or stand alone. This is also the case with spacecraft electronics. RUAG Space has developed and manufactured power electronics products for more than 30 years. Now this extensive heritage is available to third parties.

Power Control and Distribution Units (PCDU) products

Power Control and Distribution Units (PCDU) are used as part of the Electrical Power Subsystems for satellite platforms. The PCU function interfaces with the solar arrays and the battery and it can be implemented with different control principles e.g. S3R or MPPT. The PCU function can provide regulated and/or unregulated power bus. The PDU function typically contains Latching and Foldback Current Limiter (LCL/ FCL) outputs, Heater outputs, deployment and release (pyro) outputs.

Key features of Power Conditioning and Distribution Units include:

  • Cost-efficient S3R technology available, MPPT per request
  • Provides Regulated 28V bus and Unregulated 50V, 30V power buses, 2,2kW
  • Latching Current Limiter (LCL) and Thermal Knife interfaces

DC/DC converter products

Embedded or modular power systems within spacecraft equipment are typically some kind of DC/DC (Direct Current to Direct Current) converter.

Key features of DC/DC converters include:

  • Custom design easily tailored for each application
  • Low cost versions for large series, e.g. RF Units
  • Typical input 28V and 4 to 5 custom output voltages