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Slip Rings for Defence Applications

High quality manufacturing of custom-made designs allows producing optimized solutions with performance levels far above standard products. Our multidisciplinary technical teams have the know-how and experience to understand the customer’s specific needs and propose the most cost-effective solution exceeding the customer’s expectation.


  • Tested in action
  • Working in harsh environments
  • Reliable for a very high number of revolutions
  • Designed for limited and easy maintenance
  • Capability to manufacture everything from prototypes to large batches
  • Transmission from high electrical power to DC, RF and MW signals
  • Integration of optical rotary joints
  • Transfer of fluids and gazes
  • Custom made solutions
  • Swift customer support

Modern defence approaches require increasingly more high-tech electrical systems to be engaged in the operations’ field. For instance telecommunication, surveillance, pointing systems and so forth require power and signal transmission from a rotational to a standing structure in any type of environmental conditions (air-,space-, ground- and see-borne). With more than 40 years of experience as a slip ring manufacturer for defense applications, RUAG Space is recognized worldwide for its reliable solutions proven in action.