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Battle Management Systems MRO

Service management solutions for complex systems with high demands on availability and security...

Thanks to our broad service experience in MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul), we are specialized in the implementation of service management solutions based on service level agreements in the area of ​​information and communication systems. The support of the RUAG specialists helps our customer to optimally tailor his services to the needs.

The MRO supports customers in the operation, maintenance and support of the introduced C4ISTAR systems. These are mainly communication systems from different manufacturers, networks (fixed, mobile, directional beam) as well as IT-based systems. In addition, it carries out customer projects in this system environment, such as modifications, installations, detachments and logistics.

All systems are managed by our system and item management, in close cooperation with the customer responsible. The MRO area covers maintenance, maintenance, integration of new systems, training, and the support of plants to customer sites.

  • We offer a broad-based MRO know-how and support you in the implementation of your service management projects.
  • Conceptual design and construction of an optimized "Integrated Logistic system" ILS processes for the entire life cycle management
  • Establishment and operation of all required maintenance infrastructure according to current standards
  •  Implement security requirements
  • Customer-specific structure of the asset and configuration management database CMDB
  • Establishment and installation of a knowledge management system with the relevant knowledge databases
  • Consulting and support services for the establishment of a service desk (installation, configuration, data transfer, test, user training) as well as taking over the operation

The customer is kept informed about our activities by means of defined reports and online portals, and is thus always aware of the status of his reported incident or the functionality of his system.