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Our full-IP-based communications solutions reflect the expertise we have acquired over many years in system integration and maintenance. We also provide training sessions on-site to quickly familiarise our partners, customers and users with the solution.

Customised and Efficient

You choose which solution you want to implement: Modular, cost-effective, and independent of geographical requirements and technology & manufacturer standards. RUAG ARANEA Communication Expert optimally connects a diverse range of armed forces and organisations securely in a user friendly way.

Rapid Integration

RUAG ARANEA Communication Expert guarantees a quick and secure communication infrastructure with a self-sufficient power supply. By seamlessly integrating a wide-range of technologies and features, precise communication and data networks can be established across a highly localised area.

Situational Usage

ARANEA Scenarios

Situation: Multinational mission, various communication systems 

RUAG ARANEA provides a quick, secure and stable connection

  • Seamless integration of a diverse range of communication technologies and standards
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Self-configuring routing
  • Self-sufficient power supply
Tactical & Military Communications Scenarios

Situation: In unexpected operating conditions, a stable network is essential

RUAG ARANEA provides tactical communication in rapid time

  • Establishment of precise communication and data networks
  • Integration of a diverse-range of military branches and units in a single network
  • Flexible, adaptable and scalable technology
  • User-friendly thanks to GIS module
ARANEA Scenarios

Situation: Interaction between armed forces and civil organisations

RUAG ARANEA guarantees stable data connections and communication

ARANEA Scenarios

Situation: Tactical reconnaissance, secure and reliable data connection

RUAG ARANEA ensures stable, sustained and secure integration

ARANEA Scenarios

Situation: Rapid task force, interoperability between analogue and digital terminals

RUAG ARANEA rapidly integrates devices of varying technology generations