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Vehicle Target Systems

Be prepared.
Rely on our Vehicle Live-Fire Target Systems.

Your live-fire exercises are specific to the unique training goals you set for your defence and security forces. The target system you choose needs to match the tactical dynamics of the team missions they simulate, while ensuring a practical and direct approach to your Live-Fire Training applications and environments.

Suiting a wide range of different shooting exercises, our Vehicle Live-Fire Targets are purpose-designed to assure highest training fidelity. The pop-up targets for tanks are easily adaptable for varying training configurations in any tactical environment. Adapted to your mission goals, the programmable behavior allows you to use one target for the whole fleet.

The Anti-Tank Life Fire System is controlled by a wireless handheld controller. Adjusted to your individual needs, the system can feature a thermal module as well as light, sound and visual simulation effects. Thanks to its design, the system is battery autonomous and operates in any terrains as well as hot and cold temperatures. The premium-quality targets combine durability with long performance times for highest operational availability. Characterized by its robust construction, the customizable Vehicle Anti-Tank Targets are low in maintenance. The systems is easy to transport and convenient in handling. For enhanced interactivity and realism, the targets can also be equipped with laser-simulated firing combat systems, such as our modular Gladiator Live Training Solutions.

The improved accuracy enables an excellent cost-efficiencies and prompt operational availability of your Live-Fire Vehicle Training equipment. Before, during and after your training operations, our team is available to provide support, ensuring best optimal performance.Enhanced live-fire system management capabilities and basic after-action reports are additional options. Furthermore, the targets can be controlled by our new exercise control, which also enhances After-Action-Review. Our experienced specialists are also available for customer support and maintenance, repair and overhaul services.