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Live Simulation

As realistic as it gets.
Trust our Gladiator Modular Tactical Engagement Training Systems.

Today’s fast-paced combat arenas see your armed defence and security forces facing changeable environments plus the latest technology advancements threatening mission success. Preparing for these challenging combat scenarios demands rigorous tactical training with state-of-the-art technology, accurately tailored to your mission goals and priced within your budget guidelines.  

Ensuring your operational readiness, our Gladiator Live Training Systems are fully customizable to your specific training goals. Modular and laser-based equipment for personnel, physical assets and infrastructure let you determine the optimum level of force integration for effective combat exercises and risk mitigation.

Your tactical forces train reliably and safely with our highest fidelity systems. Featuring multi-directional sensors for body, weapons, vehicles, buildings and targetry, Gladiator Live Systems hone instincts and skill sets to enable maximum impact reaction and response on tomorrow’s battlefields. Gladiator Modular Equipment is purpose-designed to safeguard straightforward integration as well as full interoperability with currently available and advancing technologies allowing you to expand the systems you already use. Our systems support adaptability with a comprehensive portfolio of components, including both on-site and remote options for full monitoring and supervision.

Our experienced specialists develop and design, manufacture and integrate cutting-edge live systems enabling individuals, units and even brigades to experience first-hand the full effects of their tactical actions. Assuring system readiness, our customer support ensures optimal equipment performance, before, during and after your trainings.

Keep your urban combat troops alert for the real threat of IED attacks. Adaptable and scalable for the realities of your tactical environments.