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Accessory Equipment

Be prepared.
With our flexible functionalities and accessories for Live training systems.

Your forces need to be prepared for all eventualities in today’s challenging conflict scenarios. State-of-the-art assault hardware, new methods and tactics, all combine to threaten lives and mission success.

Completing the Gladiator Live training portfolio, our team of technology leaders developed specific training accessories to enhance your training experience. These support devices can be used in different combat scenarios and environments.

Our laser-based, interactive and networked components are customizable to your training goals, enabling you to decide what your forces need for training effectively in the conflict environments you define.

Trust our technology leaders develop, design, manufacture and integrate accessories that support your goal. Talk to us about specific solutions that will ensure your forces improve performance and mission success. Our solutions are adaptable and scalable for the realities of your environments, for individuals and units, even up to brigades.

Keep your urban combat troops alert for the real threat of IED attacks. Adaptable and scalable for the realities of your tactical environments.