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Body Equipment

As realistic as it gets.
Trust our Gladiator Live Simulation Body Equipment.

Each time they deploy, your defence and security forces come face to face with shifting conflict scenarios and physical challenges that threaten mission success. Ensuring a consistent level of mission readiness requires rigorous training with the realities of tactical deployment.

Augment your force-on-force training exercises to assure risk mitigation and mission readiness with a real-time network of laser-based simulation body equipment from our Gladiator Live Training product portfolio. Your forces train safely in customizable, highly realistic tactical conflict scenarios to optimally prepare them for the realities of today’s battlefields and combat technologies.  

Gladiator Body Equipment ensures optimal mission readiness with highest levels of fidelity. The easily adaptable and interoperable training equipment is fitted with integral sensors and decoders creating a personal network for each participant. The high-resolution hit zones, located on the upper body, upper arms, upper legs as well as on the head immediately receive and register incoming laser shots and display the effects with vibration, light and sound. Gladiator Body Equipment, including personal simulated weaponry, is networked with it’s interactive supervision platform, such as Gladiator Live training Control Unit, enabling full situational awareness in near-real time.

Purpose-designed to allow you to achieve highest levels of realism during your Live simulation exercises, our Gladiator Body Equipment combines ergonomics and functionality. Your forces (including K9 units) can physically engage by shooting, moving and communicating with flexibility and agility due to Gladiator Body Equipment’s extreme light weight, at only 1.2 kg for helmet and body harnesses combined. What’s more, our body equipment features a unique, full interference-free design.

Gladiator Body Equipment also features an independent dynamic vitality system. Sensors detect and display the degree of simulated injury and recovery, as a calculation of the attack ammunition’s dimensions and impact behaviors in real timeFull combat scenario integration is augmented by blood loss simulation for the Training of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), from first-aid stabilization through to triage and evacuation procedures under time pressure.

Gladiator Body Equipment assures connectivity for real-time viewing and automatic weapons pairing with Bluetooth technology. First aid stabilization effects use Near Field Communication (NFC). Training performance, health status and positioning data are easily tracked with supervision equipment, as each individual is identifiable and networked within the exercise.