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Vehicle Equipment

Train with your full range of vehicles...

The training solutions are suitable for both basic and combat training. Compelling features include:

  • Modular system with standard components
  • All weapon systems built into the vehicle
  • One-way or two-way lasers

The training solutions are able to integrate into the following vehicle types:

  • Unarmoured cargo and troop carriers
  • Personnel carriers
  • Battle tanks
  • Infantry fighting vehicles
  • Armoured combat vehicles
  • Armoured cars

Benifits of the Vehicle training solution

  • Suitable for basic precise gunnery training and combat training
  • Accurate ballistic simulation of all types of ammunition (lead/elevation angle)
  • Realistic weapon handling
  • Modular design optimised for each specific training requirement
  • Highly realistic vulnerability model
  • Tracer representation in optical aiming devices
  • Use of technology appropriate to customer’s requirements (one- or two-way laser)
  • All weapons included in the simulator
  • Extended training data collection (e. g. GPS, fire and hit event)
  • Proven eye-safe laser technologies
  • Interoperability with legacy and third-party systems (e.g. UCATT code)