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Vehicle Equipment

As realistic as it gets.
Trust our Gladiator Live Simulation Vehicle Equipment.

Your mechanized infantry units and armored fighting vehicles are crucial strategic assets, and key to your mission success. Ensuring operational readiness and top performance in combat situations for your personnel and the vehicles they operate requires demanding, effective, and highly realistic training that also resolves the prevailing pressures for improving sustainable practices and for tighter operating budgets.

Strengthen training exercises for your mechanized infantry units and armored fighting vehicles and assure cost-efficiencies as well as heightened mission readiness with our proven and reliable Gladiator Live Training portfolio. The optimal choice for matching your training and budget goals, our Gladiator Vehicle equipment is customizable to your specific needs and provides a safe yet highly realistic environment based on a scalable number of laser-based simulation components that are easy to deploy.

Live vehicle training with Gladiator Vehicle equipment ensures real combat scenarios at highest levels of training fidelity, crucial to preparing units and their commanders reliably and effectively. Featuring one-way and two-way laser sensor units, Gladiator Vehicle equipment attaches directly to your mechanized and armored vehicles and targeted infrastructure. Connected with the system’s interactive supervision platform, results are measured and recorded to analyze and improve training results. Fire the full selection of simulated weaponry on specified locations in custom designed simulation scenarios.

Full tracking of the entire simulated vehicle exercises enables each vehicle and crew unit to have full situational awareness of the broader training system exercises as it unfolds. Optional components for straightforward hit activation reflectors, and more realistic sensory, visual and acoustic feedback signals, intensify the training experience. Weapon simulators and ballistic simulation, cabin and crew transponder units, and battery and support components for extending system performance are also available.