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Artillery Trainers

To enable a high standard of combat readiness in and increase mission success of your defence and security forces and their weaponry systems. Virtual training methods support tighter operating budgets and consider different environmental aspects....

Our Artillery Trainers for individual, crew and tactical training units support you in resolving these challenges while ensuring your forces benefit from training, that is as realistic as it gets and available whenever you need it. Virtual simulation allows you to save on costs for live ammunition and hardware and reduces environmental impact.

With a highly authentic experience our Artillery Trainers safely train your personnel for combat vehicles driving and weapon firing. It allows your crews to have already experienced the physical reality of ballistic firing power, learned to operate fast and effectively in challenging terrains and urban environments, and been on the receiving end of weapon recoil. Its modular system configurations allows a wide range of applications, improving combat readiness and budget.

The state-of-the-art simulators are equipped with a modern, intuitive window based graphical user interface (GUI) creating enhanced user training. Interoperability is given due to the networking capability and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS). The level of training is adjustable to squadron and platoon level and can be linked for combined training with forward observers and other ground units operating in the same area. A high-end multi-channel visual system combined with a highly realistic visual database and Computer Generated Forces (CGF) create the perfect visual training environment. It can be featured with a authentic digital sound system and voice/data communication.

The simulators also feature comprehensive evaluation and debriefing facilities and individually developed exercises make the most efficient and target-oriented training possible. Assuring system readiness, our customer support ensures optimal equipment performance, before, during and after your trainings, including replacement and spare parts, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).