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Vehicle Platform Trainers

As realistic as it gets.
Trust our Virtual Vehicle Platform Trainers.

Maintaining operational readiness with rigorous and effective tactical training is essential for your defence and security forces and their vehicles and weaponry systems. Virtual training methods support tighter operating budgets and consider different environmental aspects.

Our Virtual Training Solutions support you in resolving these demands while ensuring your forces benefit from highest fidelity training, enhanced operational readiness and sustainable resource management. Key to cost-efficiency and sustainability, virtual simulation allows you to save on costs for live ammunition and hardware and reduces environmental impact.

Providing visually and physically accurate, immersive Vehicle Trainer Solutions for Driver, Gunner and Crew Training, inclusive commanders, our technical specialists develop, design, manufacture and integrate cutting edge solutions. These virtual simulation technologies bring the realities of conflict areas together with physically demanding conditions and pressures for fast decision making.

With highly realistic behaviors and functions our Training simulators safely train your personnel. Before they operate in live scenarios, your crews have already experienced the physical reality of ballistic firing power, learned to operate fast and effectively within cabin confines, navigated challenging terrains and urban environments. Depending on your requirements – motion systems, audio systems, and environmental representation using high-resolution visual systems can be customized and integrated according to your mission goals.

Assuring system readiness, our customer support ensures optimal equipment performance, before, during and after your trainings, including replacement and spare parts, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).