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Gunner Training Simulator

RUAG’s Gunnery Training System (GTS) supports individual gunner training and helps improving tactical gunnery skills. Training takes place in the crew station using actual control systems and complete virtual simulation. Therefore a high level of training environment realism is achieved. Trainees’ performances are continuously monitored allowing a comprehensive after action review. ...

Main advantages of the GTS:

  • Flexible training solution for individual gunner training
  • High quality replicas, large virtual terrains and Computer Generated Forces (CGF) provide a very realistic training environment
  • The customer’s training strategy is fully integrated in the system design
  • Supports a large list of training goals and evaluation rules

Basic training

  • Familiarisation with the training simulator
  • Familiarisation with the environment (controls, instrument panels and sights)
  • Correct handling and operation of the weapon system (e.g. weapon start-up and shut-down procedures, knowledge and use of controls, instrument panels, sights and fire control system)

Advanced training

  • Respond correctly to specific weapon system malfunctions
  • Operate in adverse environmental conditions
  • Search, detect, locate and identify targets
  • Training of the engagement decision process:
  • Training of the target engagement execution:
  • Training of the target engagement execution methods: battle sight gunnery and precision gunnery
  • Engage static and moving targets from a static or moving vehicle
  • Engage targets using manual handles
  • Engage multiple targets which require different ammunition types
  • React on fire misses: observe the impact point relative to the target, adjust and fire again
  • Train adjustment methods
  • Observe the target for the damage assessment