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Vehicle MRO

Heavy weapons systems must be able to withstand the most adverse environments and extreme climatic conditions. These systems, however, are also exposed to a great deal of stress-induced wear and tear due to their high level of performance. In order to ensure that the systems are ready for use at all times and can be relied upon to work properly, they have to undergo regular maintenance and be repaired where necessary....


RUAG Defence Deutschland GmbH already has sites in Wedel and Hallbergmoos. The integration of Glückauf-Logistik GmbH into RUAG Deutschland GmbH means that the Aftersales business unit is now being strengthened with replacement part supplies from Glückauf-Logistik GmbH at the Kassel site.

RUAG offers maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for a variety of platforms:

  • Leopard, M109, CV 9030 and other platforms

RUAG specialises in the repairing and testing of:

  • electronics/electrics, optics/optronics, hydraulics, mechanics, thermodynamics

RUAG has been operating as the centre of excellence for the Swiss Armed Forces for more than 25 years and the experience it has gained during this period of time allows it to offer its customers and partners both in Switzerland and abroad a wide-ranging portfolio of MRO services.

RUAG is the only provider able to test, repair and service all components of the Leopard 2 A4. MRO work can also be carried out directly at the customer’s premises.