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Spare Parts

RUAG has a wide selection of top-quality replacement parts for the military sector. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support for our customers in fulfilling the demands placed on them. Thanks to our comprehensive storage and good cooperation with partners, RUAG can process your enquiries quickly. Please do not hesitate to contact us with special requests or if you need tailored advice....

Quality from Germany

We offer a comprehensive service when it comes to quality. As a certified partner and supplier, we are bound by the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015. This incorporates flexibility and an undertaking to provide top component quality and order processing.

The quality management criteria and compliance with them are subjected to an annual review, making them an important element of this regular audit.


12 V 100 Ah maintenance-free lead battery, rechargeable

Glückauf starter batteries are rechargeable and completely maintenance-free. The latest generation of starter batteries was developed specifically for military purposes.

This means the highest material and engineering specifications, the strictest safety and quality standards, and precision in every detail.


Advantages for military use include:

  • Zero maintenance
  • Extreme deep discharge resilience
  • Installation in any orientation in military vehicles
  • Long cycle life and high vibration tolerance
  • Minimal self-discharge

Conventional lead acid batteries in various configurations can also be provided.

Chassis and Drive Train

Track guard

The track guard has two principal functions:

  • Protection against projectiles
  • Protection against damage on rough terrain

We offer track guard elements for a large number of tracked vehicles.

Shock Absorbers

Wherever vehicles are moved, the impacts and vibrations resulting from the vehicle dynamics must be effectively reduced and the driving stability must be ensured in every situation.

To this end, we offer our customers a wide range of vehicle-specific shock absorbers (for wheeled and tracked vehicles). In-house developments, e.g. for M109 or M113, also demonstrate our expertise in this area.

We are happy to support you – just ask.


Elevation cylinder

The elevation cylinder delivers exact vertical aiming of the weapon system practically without play, and is equipped with air-bleeding and test connectors that facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting.

Tube and hose assembly

The new metric hydraulic assemblies have been introduced to enhance reliability and to reduce maintenance and acquisition costs. They provide logistical equivalence for the Leopard 1 main battle tank.

  • All hydraulic assemblies have a metallic protective coating (zinc plating and A3C chromate conversion).
  • Economical procurement and simple supply are made possible by the use of metric, commercially available tubing and hoses and DIN standard fittings.
  • Labelling with tube and hose numbers simplifies part identification and prevents mistaken orders.
  • The use of Minimess test fittings simplifies the filling, testing and bleeding of the hydraulic system.
  • The new microfiltering reduces contamination of the hydraulics, and thus prevents wear in the hydraulic assemblies. An indicator shows the contamination of the filter element.
  • The reservoir safety valve block is designed in accordance with the new DIN EN 982 standard and includes a pressure relief valve.


Outside mirror for combat vehicles

The outside mirror has no glass reflector, since the amorphous structure of glass is susceptible to cracking and chipping in battle and on rough terrain.

The vulnerable glass component has been replaced by a highly polished sheet steel reflector. This reflector is not susceptible to such damage.


We offer an extensive assortment of periscopes.

These are available with laser filters, seals, forehead pads and blackout blinds.

These are available with laser filters, seals, forehead pads and blackout blinds as well as in acrylic and quartz glass.

We can also supply periscopes to your specifications.

Interior equipment

Roof lights

Our roof lights are intended to illuminate the interior of military combat vehicles. Thy permit a choice between white light and camouflage illumination, depending on customer specifications. We also offer innovative LED lighting with auxiliary battery power. The lamp has a rotating fixture to ensure flexible illumination. Reading lamps in various configurations are also available.

LED lights

The latest LED technology also offers the user a wide range of possibilities in the military sector. Conventional roof lights or reading lamps are increasingly being replaced by innovative LED technology and offer the user a wide range of operating options due to integrated camouflage lighting functions.

In accordance with the customer’s requirements and tailored to individual customer requirements, we offer lights in different configurations. The use of 2-pole to 6-pole VG plugs makes it possible to implement a wide variety of interface concepts (e.g. automatic switching to blackout light and sensing of vehicle doors or hatches).

In the lighting modes white light and blackout light, the light intensity can be adjusted according to the individual requirements of the user (dimming range: 0–100%).

The product portfolio also includes gooseneck lamps which are available with the latest innovations. The serial use of this technology in new transport and medical vehicles of the German Army is an indication of the robustness of the lights we have produced and delivered.

Gooseneck lamps

The reading lamp and the operating lamp are robust gooseneck lamps that have been specially developed for military use. The lamps meet demanding EMC test criteria, are shock-resistant and watertight. The flexible gooseneck, about 46 cm long, allows the light to be aimed at any desired point.

The available configurations include the operating lamp, with four focused high-power LEDs designed for medical use, and the reading lamp, with optimum wide-angle illumination for maps or mission documents.

Dimming is currently possible through a centralised pulse-width modulation. The lamps can be equipped with a custom dimmer on request, however. A holder with a quick ball catch is provided to prevent uncontrolled lamp movement when travelling over bumpy terrain.

Individual customer requirements such as light intensity, different dimming options, switching to blackout light and a wide range of different connection sockets can also be included in the design.

We will develop the prototypes you need and supply your equipment as standard.

Turret and weapons

Hydraulic motor

This is a hydrostatic radial piston motor.

It is in use all over the world in the Leopard 1 weapons systems and also in modified form in the M109 Panzerhaubrize.

The development process focused on these objectives:

  • Longevity
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • High efficiency

The success story of the hydraulic motor is evidence that the objectives have been achieved.


  • Conversion of hydraulic power into output power
  • High efficiency
  • Suitable for minimal rotational speed
  • Low inertia
  • Very good reversibility
  • High sum pressure – load-bearing capacity
  • Four-quadrant operation possible
  • Suitability for regulation applications
  • Extremely quiet operation

Smoke grenade launchers

Accessory for all armoured and non-armoured vehicles.

Available in various configurations for each vehicle type, including single, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, etc.

Your individual requirements can be implemented at any time.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Launcher with mounting
  • Carrier case
  • Control unit (different variants)
  • Test unit
  • Accessories


Vapor-resistant, reusable transport and storage containers with rubber bumper insert according to VG 95614.

The containers are rectangular and consist of matching top and bottom parts. The maximum stack height is 1 metre and the containers are sealed with adhesive tape. Suitable for packaging levels B and C (NATO packaging levels 3 and 4).

Approval issued with scope of testing from WIWeB and Erding as follows:

  • Climatic variation resistance
  • Salt vapour resistance
  • Vapour impermeability
  • Vertical shock testing
  • Smoke grenade launcher

Size Outside dimensions (L/W/H) in mm Inside dimensions (L/W/H) in mm Test weight in kg Supply number

Size Outside dimensions (L / W / H) in mm Inside dimensions(L / B / H) in mm Recommended fill weight Supply number
421 160 / 100 / 80 147 / 87 /66 0,7 8115-12-181-2880
423 160 / 100 / 120 147 / 87 / 106 1,7 8115-12-181-2881
541 200 / 160 / 80 187 / 146 / 66 1,2 8115-12-181-2882
543 200 / 160 / 120 187 / 147 / 103 1,5 8115-12-181-2883
555 200 / 200 / 200 185 / 185 / 182 2,4 8115-12-181-2884
641 260 / 160 / 80 246 / 147 /60 1,3 8115-12-179-7560
644 260 / 160 / 160 244 / 45 / 141 2,2 8115-12-181-2885
852 320 / 200 / 100  306 / 186 / 79 2,1 8115-12-181-2886
855 320 / 200 / 200 304 / 184 / 175 3,0 8115-12-181-2887
861 320 / 260 / 80  306 / 246 / 54 2,0 8115-12-181-2888
864 320 / 260 / 160 304 / 244 / 132 3,0 8115-12-181-2889
971 400 / 300 / 80 386 / 286 / 56 2,5 8115-12-181-2890
974 400 / 300 / 160 380 / 280 / 127 3,2 8115-12-181-2891
975 400 / 300 / 200 380 / 280 / 175 3,5 8815-12-348-5050