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Your weapon service

Sports and private marksmen need to be able to rely on their weapons. Weapons only meet the highest of marksmen’s requirements if they are made from the right materials and are regularly maintained....

In the RUAG MRO Switzerland gun repair workshop in Thun, specialists give your weapon an appropriate service. The services we offer include fully disassembling your weapon as well as cleaning and lubrication, checking the barrel, shooting tests with shot grouping and documentation as well as changing the barrel.

Choose the appropriate service from the following price model:

Offer     Price  
Standard Cleaning and testing   CHF 120
Extra add-on 1 Checking the barrel
Mirroring and measuring with documentation
  CHF 130
Extra add-on 2 Changing the barrel without shooting test SG. 90
SG. 57


Extra add-on 3 Shooting test with shot grouping and documentation   CHF 130

The ordering process

You will receive an empty transport box as soon as we have received your order. Please send your weapon to us in this special freepost transport box. After our specialist service, your weapon will be returned to you in a secure package.

Die Anmeldung für den Waffenservice wird in Kürze verfügbar sein.