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Your weapon service

Sports and private marksmen need to be able to rely on their weapons. Weapons only meet the highest of marksmen’s requirements if they are made from the right materials and are regularly maintained....

In the RUAG repair workshop in Thun, specialists give your weapon its appropriate service. The services we offer include fully disassembling your weapon as well as cleaning and lubrication, checking the barrel, shooting tests with shot grouping and documentation as well as changing the barrel.

Our service portfolio

  • Guns / machine pistols
  • Carbine 31
  • Stgw 57
  • Stgw 90
  • MZW 04 and TGW 73 (tear gas and rubber projectile throwers)
  • Overpressure gunshots calibre 5.6 mm – 8.58 mm
  • Other services on request

Price on request.

We offer a short turnaround time of approximately 15 working days. Personal delivery or transport are possible upon request.

For order placement and order processing, please contact us by phone or e-mail.