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RUAG Ammotec

At RUAG Ammotec, precision and reliability are key aspects of every product, and are what make this constantly growing division the European market leader in small-calibre ammunition, pyrotechnic elements and components....

Core business

RUAG Ammotec, with its Hunting & Sport and Armed Forces & Law Enforcement business units, is the European market leader in small-calibre ammunition, pyrotechnic elements and components. Its precision ammunition for special forces is in high demand worldwide. The division is also the leader in heavy-metal-free primer technologies as used in actuator cartridges in the construction industry and automotive safety system applications. The product range also includes large-calibre training systems, hand grenades and environmentally safe disposal of pyrotechnic products.

Ammotec Services & Products


Swiss Armed Forces, German Bundeswehr and other foreign armed forces, law enforcement organizations, hunters and sporting marksmen, industrial partners

RUAG Ammotec in numbers (2017)

  • Net sales: CHF 397 million
  • EBIT: CHF 28 million
  • Employees: 2,257
  • Based in: Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, USA, Austria, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Brazil