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Surface Treatment

30 years Surface Treatment - Creating value for you every day!...

  • Airplane components up to 7 meters crack tested, surface protected & painted
  • Outstanding quality, high delivery reliability and best-in-class productivity
  • NADCAP & ISO 9100 accredited for Chemical Processing, Surface Enhancement and NDT 
  • Approved by major OEM's like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, GE, Pilatus, and SAAB
  • Located in the center of Europe
  • Short distances: a site in Europe‘s center
  • One-stop shop covers the entire value chain
  • Door to Door Service

RUAG Aerostructures is highly recognized as a reliable partner to major OEM's

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    Customer Specification Dimensions Process
    Airbus DE AITM6-1001 7000-2300-1000 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    Airbus UK ABP 6-5230 7000-2300-1000 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    Boeing P.S.21202 7000-2300-1000 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    GE P3TF47 P3TF2-1 7000-2300-1000 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    Pilatus VV0506-02 7000-2300-1000 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    Northrop IT-60 7000-2300-1000 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    SAAB STD 4049 7000-2300-1000 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    Airbus UK ABP8-1023 7000-2300-1000 TSA
    Airbus DE 80-T-35-2010 7000-2300-1000 TSA
    Airbus Trans AIPI02-01-003 7000-2300-1000 TSA
    SAAB STD 4391 7000-2300-1000 TSA
    Pilatus VV0603-03 7000-2300-1000 TSA
    General MIL-DTL-5541 7000-2300-1000 CCC
    Airbus UK ABP1-5057 7000-2300-1000 CCC
    Boeing P.S.13209 7000-2300-1000 CCC
    Pilatus VV0602-02 7000-2300-1000 CCC
    SAAB STD 2754 7000-2300-1000 CCC
    Airbus UK ABP8-2301 7000-2300-1000 Pre-Penetrant-Etche
    SAAB STD 2012 7000-2300-1000 Pre-Penetrant-Etche
    Pilatus VV0602-10 7000-2300-1000 Pre-Penetrant-Etche
    Boeing P.S.12050.1 7000-2300-1000 Pre-Penetrant-Etche
    Airbus UK ABP4-1123 7000-2300-1000 Primer
    Airbus DE 80-T-35-5030 7000-2300-1000 Primer
    Pilatus VV0600-51 7000-2300-1000 Primer
    SAAB STD 3268 7000-2300-1000 Primer
    Military Standard MIL-P-85582 7000-2300-1000 Primer
    SAAB STD 2408 7000-2300-1000 Adhesive Primer
    GE-Aircraft A50TF82 BR127 7000-2300-1000 Adhesive Primer
    Military Standard MIL-C-27725 7000-2300-1000 Fuel Tank Coat Primers
    Military Standard MIL-P-23377 7000-2300-1000 Applikation des MIL-P-23377-Epoxy-Primer
    Airbus UK ABP4-2126 7000-2300-1000 TopCoat
    Airbus UK ABP4-2130 7000-2300-1000 TopCoat
    Airbus DE 80-T-35-5130 7000-2300-1000 TopCoat
    Pilatus VV0600-52 7000-2300-1000 TopCoat
    SAAB STD 1974 7000-2300-1000 TopCoat
    Airbus UK ABP9-3323 / INK MARKING (GENERAL)
    Airbus DE 80-T-39-0132 / INK MARKING (GENERAL)
    Pilatus VV0403-01 / INK MARKING (GENERAL)
    Boeing P.S.13375 7000-2300-1000 Epoxy Primer
    Boeing P.S.13525 7000-2300-1000 Polyurethane Coating

    Non-destructive testing

    Penetrant Testing

    • Sensitivity Level 3
    • Max Size: 7000 x 2300 x 1000 mm
    • NADCAP-accredited

    Chem. Surface Protection

    OBA Anlage


    Anti-Corrosion Protection and Underlayer for Painting on Aluminium Alloy

    CCC Alodine 1200 Max Size: 7000 x 2300 x 1000 mm
    Titanium etching Max Size: 800 x 800 x 800 mm



    Primer varnishing and top coat



    • Use as decoration and anti-corrosion protection; can be applied on any type of metal and in every colour according to your needs.
    • Complex parts with masking
    • max. size: 7000 x 2300 x 1000 mm


    RUAG Aerostructures offers you

    Highest Efficiency through

    • Advanced automated Facility
    • Seamless Workflow
    • Versatile Employees
    • Located in the heart of Europe

    Shortest Lead Times through

    • State of the Art Technology
    • Highly skilled and experienced specialists
    • Use of digital technologies for:
      - Process Monitoring 
      - Traceability 
      - Quality documentation

    Tailormade Solutions through

    • AOG Service
    • Individual technical Support
    • Customized Logistic Solutions