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RUAG Career Events

At one of the events mentioned below you will have the opportunity to meet personally with RUAG employees and to learn more about the exciting occupations and possibilities within our company....

We look forward to your visit!

Date Event Location
05.-06.02.2019 CHARM Gothenburg, Sweden
12.02.2019 LARM Linköping, Sweden
13.02.2019 Jobmesse Nürnberg Nuremberg, Germany
14.03.2019 Panel discussion, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
19.03.2019 Kontaktgespräch, HSLU Lucerne, Switzerland
23.-24.03.2019 Jobmesse Nürnberg (Airport) Nuremberg, Germany
28.03.2019 Absolventenmesse Bern Bern, Switzerland
02.04.2019 Polymesse, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
06.05.2019 Lunch Talk FHNW Brugg Windisch, Switzerland
07.05.2019 BFH Career Day Biel, Switzerland
16.05.2019 TU Day Vienna, Austria
26.06.2019 IKOM, TU Munich, Germany
18.09.2019 Jobmesse Nürnberg Nuremberg, Germany
07.10.2019 ETH Career Breakfast Zurich, Switzerland
11.10.2019 EPFL Forum Lausanne, Switzerland
06.11.2019 HOKO Munich, Germany
07.11.2019 Absolventenmesse Schweiz Zurich, Switzerland