Because there is no helpdesk in space.
Reliable digital electronics by RUAG Space.

RUAG Space supplies radiation-hard and fault-tolerant computers to ensure that rockets arrive in space safely and that the various systems on board satellites work together seamlessly, year after year. RUAG counts deliveries to the Ariane program in the hundreds and the company’s data handling systems and control computers for diverse satellite applications are trusted by numerous commercial and scientific missions.

Over the past decades, RUAG Space has developed extensive expertise in signal processing, particularly on large bandwidths. RUAG’s navigation receivers allow a very precise orbit determination for satellites – up to the nearest centimeter.

Reliable digital electronics by RUAG Space on board of telecommunication satellites keep people connected all around the globe. Our technology ensures that contact with satellites in earth orbit or even probes far out in space is maintained successfully.


Success stories

PODRIX GNSS receivers determine position of Sentinel-6

In November 2020 two new Precise Orbit Determination Receivers (PODRIX) from RUAG Space made their maiden flight to orbit. They determine the position of the European-US ocean measuring satellite Sentinel-6. PODRIX GNSS spaceborne receivers are the latest addition to RUAG’s GNSS receiver product family, which can process both U.S. GPS navigation signals and the signals from the European constellation of navigation satellites called Galileo. Thanks to the PODRIX GPS & Galileo receiver the orbit determination quality improved, which adds to the overall mission performance of the ocean-measuring satellite Sentinel-6. PODRIX spaceborne navigation receivers are built on the experience of the 23 GPS only receivers of the RUAG Space legacy receiver generation that are currently working flawlessly in space.

U.S. Weather Satellite will fly with LEORIX space-borne GNSS receiver 

RUAG Space provides Ball Aerospace with a navigation receiver for Weather System Follow-on—Microwave, a next-generation U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) environmental satellite system. This contract comprises the production, test, and delivery of a GPS LEORIX Navigation Receiver. RUAG Space GNSS receivers have been functioning low earth orbit (LEO) flawlessly for over 15 years and are the most precise receivers on the market.

Press Releases

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