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Invoices to RUAG

With the introduction of e-invoicing, RUAG will be offering its customers and suppliers the option of paperless invoicing. RUAG and its service partner, Swisscom IT Services, currently provide e- invoicing coverage internationally in more than 40 countries. Electronic signatures allow the integrity and authenticity of the electronic invoices to be verified and assured by the tax authorities. RUAG's service partner, Swisscom IT Services ensures legal compliance. If necessary, this documentation can be inspected on RUAG's premises.

As a RUAG supplier, you have a choice of invoicing methods:

  • Paper invoice to P.O. Box
    Incoming invoices can continue to be received on paper until further notice. The first step will involve incoming paper invoices being processed at a central service centre. Paper invoices should be sent to the RUAG P.O. Box in Urdorf. For precise details of the invoice address, please consult your purchase order or contact your RUAG Procurement Manager.
  • PDF files (sent by e-mail)
    Invoices can now also be sent as PDF files. All you need to do is complete a one-time registration as a supplier at the Conextrade Trading Center. You will then be able to send your invoice quickly and easily as a PDF file to the Conextrade mailbox. You can obtain an information sheet showing you how to register on the trading platform (using the e-mail address specific to the business unit) from your RUAG Procurement Manager.
  • Full integration (structured invoice data)
    Customers and suppliers can exchange electronic invoices with RUAG. The prerequisite for this is a direct connection either to the Conextrade Trading Center or to another platform or provider (Interworking). This enables fast and reliable data transmission – as with a direct point-to-point connection.

Your contact person
Would you like to use paperless invoicing with RUAG? Or do you have any questions on e invoicing? Your RUAG Procurement Manager will be pleased to assist you with practical support and advice.


Invoices from RUAG

RUAG encourages paperless invoicing. In addition to the paper invoices issued to date, RUAG can now offer to send out electronic invoices. Outgoing electronic invoices are provided with an electronic signature. This VAT-compliant signature meets all legal requirements in the same way as paper invoices. Electronic invoices are dispatched via the Conextrade Trading Center of Swisscom IT Services. As RUAG's service partner, Swisscom IT Services assures the exchange of electronic data.

Would you like to use paperless invoicing with RUAG? Or do you have any questions on e invoicing? Your RUAG Sales Manager will be pleased to assist you with practical support and advice.

Reference details on invoices

The general principle to observe is that an order is expected to be followed by an invoice. To enable efficient handling of the invoice verification process at RUAG, incoming invoices must include the following details:

  • RUAG order number
  • E-mail address of the ordering party.

General field information for full integration without reference

  • The supplier's invoice number must not contain more than twelve digits.
  • Rounding differences must not be shown in a separate position, but can be supplied at header level.
  • The supplier's accounts payable number with RUAG must also be included (to identify the supplier). The number can be requested from RUAG.
  • Where payment is made by ISR, it is essential to include the ISR subscriber number (separated by a dash) and the ISR reference number. If payment by ISR is not possible, the IBAN can be provided.
  • Payment reminders are not processed electronically.

Additional field information for full integration with order reference

  • Invoices must include a reference to a RUAG order number as a mandatory requirement. Invoices which do not include such a reference will be rejected. Each invoice position must be uniquely assigned to an order position.
  • The RUAG order reference is regarded as a unique characteristic of an order-related incoming invoice.
  • RUAG's order position must be included for reference.
  • The price, quantity and unit of quantity relating to the order or order confirmation must match.