About RUAG International

RUAG International is a technology company with a focus on aerospace. The company is currently divided into four business areas: Space, Aerostructures, MRO International and Ammotec. The strategic focus on the Aerospace sector means that, in the medium term, the company will be made up of the Aerostructures and Space business segments....


The Space business segment offers a comprehensive portfolio of electronic and mechanical products for launchers and satellites. As Europe’s leading provider of products for the space industry, RUAG Space is divided into three product groups: electronics, spacecraft and launchers. Our customers include ESA, NASA, OHB, Ariane Group, Airbus, OneWeb Satellites, United Launch Alliance, Maxar and Northrop Grumman.


The Aerostructures business segement develops, produces and installs structural parts for aeroplanes, in particular complete fuselage sections and components for wings and control surfaces. RUAG also manages complex supply chain networks for aeroplane manufacturers. Its customers include Airbus, Boeing, Dassault Aviation, GE Aviation, Pilatus Aircraft and SAAB. RUAG MRO International is an independent supplier, support provider and integrator of systems and components for civil and military aviation across the globe. As the manufacturer (OEM) of the Dornier 228, a versatile aircraft designed for special missions as well as passenger and cargo transport, RUAG’s focus is on providing customer and OEM support in this area.


RUAG MRO International develops simulation and training facilities for live, virtual and constructive training (LVC training) delivered to international security and armed forces. RUAG Ammotec  with its Hunting & Sports, Armed Forces & Law Enforcement and Industrial business units, is the European market leader in small-calibre ammunition, pyrotechnic elements and components. Its precision ammunition for special forces is in high demand worldwide. The division is also the leader in heavy-metal-free primer technologies as used in actuator cartridges in the construction industry and automotive safety system applications. The product range also includes large-calibre training systems, hand grenades and environmentally safe disposal of pyrotechnic products.

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