Multi-Layer Insulation

RUAG Space has more than 20 years of experience in developing and producing Multi-Layer Insulation for space application (satellites and instruments) and is the leading supplier in Europe. ...

RUAG Space started in 1991 to develop and produce Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) for space application (satellites and instruments). Over more than 20 years RUAG Space has developed competence and skills in more than 50 projects to become the leading supplier of Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) for European spacecraft.

RUAG has developed great expertise in the field of Thermal Insulation for spacecraft and today we offer also the development and production of Cryogenic Superinsulation for various applications like Helium liquefiers or superconducting magnets.

Our mission is the development and production of MLI (Multi-Layer Insulation) and Thermal Control Hardware for space and cryogenic industry to make our customers more competitive.

To achieve our mission we focus on first-class products and partnership with our customers.

SUCCESS STORY: Thermal insulation for constellation satellites

For a private US telecommunication company RUAG Space manufactures the Thermal Insulation for the several hundred satellites. The satellites require Thermal Insulation to ensure they maintain a constant interior temperature despite the extreme temperature fluctuations in space. Without this stability, the sensitive instruments on board would not work properly over the six and a half years of the mission. For the production of the Multi-Layer Insulation for satellites, RUAG Space uses a series of partly automated techniques that harness state-of-the-art laser technology – to excel in throughput time.

What is Multi-Layer Insulation or MLI?

Multi-Layer Insulation, or MLI, is a thermal insulation consisting of multiple layers of thin sheets. Multi-Layer Insulation is used for satellites in space as well as in other areas like medicine, e.g. for MRI scanners (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). In space Multi-Layered Insulation protects the satellite or other spacecraft against the extreme cold and heat.