Satellite Mechanisms

RUAG precision Satellite Mechanisms are highly regarded by renowned space customers worldwide. ...

Products from RUAG Space are particularly sought after for precise positioning and motion control within payload instrument mechatronics, solar generators, thrusters and antennas.

RUAG Space is one of the major space mechanism suppliers worldwide. Precision mechanisms have been a specialty of RUAG Space since the early days of space technology. RUAG Space is the top ranked supplier of Solar Array Drive Assemblies (SADA) worldwide. With its in-house capabilities to provide clients with turn-key solutions consisting of Mechanism and associated drive and control electronics, significant reduction of efforts can be achieved at prime contractors.

RUAG Space is specialized particularly in the field of pointing, deployment, high performance separation, payload mechanisms and robotics. RUAG Space qualifies as the only European supplier offering a full range of SADM (Solar Array Drive Mechanism) worldwide from the micro satellite class up to the largest telecom & Earth observation satellites, Thruster Orientation Mechanisms for Electrical Propulsion and Actuators.

The primary deployment mechanism of the Solar Array for the Hubble Space Telescope, the separation system of the Huygens Probe from the Cassini Spacecraft, the Electrical Propulsion Pointing Mechanism for SMART-1 and Artemis, the scan mechanism for the IASI Instrument and the SADM (Solar Array Drive Mechanism) on METOP are examples of our expertise in this area.


In latest years, RUAG Space was selected for the development and delivery of high sophisticated mechanisms such as Sentinel-4 Scanner, the Solar Array Drive Mechanism (SADM) for Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), the Linear Actuator of the IBDM-LEMA. RUAG Space was involved in several Filter Wheel Assemblies for ASTRO-H and METOP SG, Antenna Deployment and Pointing Assemblies on MTG (Meteosat Third Generation), geostationary meteorological satellites, commercial applications, and in high end products used on LISA Pathfinder and EXOMARS.