What you can expect


What our employees can expect from us

Professionalism in management

The RUAG management staff members are professional, respectful, open, and bold.

RUAG ensures a unified understanding of leadership and a shared cultural basis for its leadership, in order to enable effective management and to make teamwork easier.

RUAG creates leadership programmes for all divisions and units; these programmes further develop specialist knowledge and soft skills for management at all levels.


Training and knowledge

RUAG supports the continuing development of its staff members.

RUAG provides central and internationally certified training courses.

RUAG sustainably invests in the internal further development of staff members in theform of different career models, thereby increasing their employability and marketability.


Equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination

RUAG offers all staff members the same opportunities.

RUAG guarantees equality of opportunity for all stakeholders.

RUAG supports an integrated culture and will not stand for any discrimination on the basis of age, ethnic origin, ideology, religion, skin colour, nationality, political or other convictions, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, civil status, or membership of employee representative bodies.

RUAG expects all staff members to behave respectfully to each other, regardless of cultural differences or varying personal beliefs.


Fairness in payment

RUAG pays salaries in line with the market, and based on performance.

RUAG ensures that all salaries comply with the appropriate national legal requirements or industry standards.

RUAG ensures that salaries honour the performance of staff members and are explained in regular feedback sessions.

Via Integrity@RUAGRUAG ensures that the incentive schemes do not undermine the commitment of RUAG against bribery & corruption.

Incentives do therefore go beyond exclusively profit-driven targets and do always also include a range of performance-based elements.

Financial performance-based incentives are awarded based on a proportion of the employee's salary and not on a proportion of a particular contract for the sales of RUAG products.

Health and safety

The health and safety of its staff is a central concern of RUAG.

RUAG has a group-wide industrial health management system to ensure working conditions which encourage and maintain good health.

RUAG makes country-specific solutions for social counselling available to its staff members.


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