Culture & Values

Committed to genuine values? RUAG International works with you to ensure mutual success. Collaboration, high performance and visionary thinking – these three values are what defines RUAG International....

The striving for top quality, uncompromising customer service and continual development are the shared foundation for our dealings with one another and with all our stakeholders. But we are equally committed to a sense of responsibility, candid communication, fairness, transparency and respect towards people and the environment.

Clear values and principles determine the way we think and act every day –within the company and in our interactions with customers, business associates, suppliers, society, policymakers, government, and not least with our sole shareholder, the Swiss Confederation.

As a reliable and trusted partner, RUAG International seeks to understand and support their individual needs. With innovative solutions, RUAG International offers the assurance of reliably completing tasks and meeting the goals that have been set. In so doing, RUAG International takes actions today that point the way to the ultra-precise, superior products and services of tomorrow.

Experiencing our values

We live out our values and adhere to our Code of Conduct. Every employee contributes to its systematic implementation. We promote an open corporate culture.

  • Open feedback process
  • Regular employee and customer satisfaction surveys with a special focus on values and conduct
  • Addressing values and conduct in everyday management (acting as a role model)
  • Supporting employees in career development and change processes
  • Training employees in ways to embed values in their lives
  • Transparent employee appraisal process

Our values: collaboration, high performance and visionary thinking.

The three key values of RUAG International describe its identity and shape the character of the company. They form a guiding framework for interaction within the organization as well as with business partners and other stakeholders in government and business.