You keep things going.

As a production technician (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you are essential for the operation and maintenance of our manufacturing technology – throughout all divisions and for all production systems. ...

From precision components to entire manufacturing lines – all tools, machines, devices and apparatuses, which are used for production, such as electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic, are based on mechanic technology. And all require the systematic understanding and talented hands of technicians to start them up and keep them going. As a production technician (m/f), you are just as universal as you are vital, and your work forms the technical foundation for our entire product palette – from aerospace to aircraft technology to defence and security solutions to autonomous industrial vehicles.

Your preferred materials are metal, such as steel, chromium alloy steel and aluminium, as well as plastics and high-tech composite materials. For their processing, you command the entire repertoire of traditional and modern processing and joining technologies. And your repertoire covers computer-controlled series production with laser or water jet systems, as well as the generation of entire steel constructions. In short: when it comes to the operation and maintenance of our production, we need you for all the ins and outs.

What you do
Production technicians manufacture components using various production processes, and they build devices, apparatuses and machines. In collaboration with other specialists, you process orders or projects and perform operation and maintenance work.

Production technicians are characterised by their thinking and handling in terms of economic feasibility. You complete orders systematically and mostly independently. You are, however, also used to working in a team and are open to new things. You keep the basics of working safety in mind, of health and of environmental protection.

Training specifics
Three-year training 

Training location RUAG Ammotec

  • Thun
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