Code of Conduct

RUAG International is committed to further extending its market position. The basis for this is an outstanding reputation. Clear values and principles determine our daily thoughts and actions....

Collaboration, high performance and visionary thinking – these are the values that represent RUAG International.

Striving for the highest quality, uncompromising customer and service orientation, and continuous further development create the common foundation on which we act when working together and with all stakeholders, as do a sense of responsibility, open communication, fairness, transparency, and respect for people and for the environment.

The RUAG International code of conduct helps us to maintain the clear values and principles to which we commit ourselves – in the group itself, and also with regard to customers, business partners, suppliers, society, politics, officials, and not least to our shareholder, the Swiss Confederation.

Our credibility is based on the code. It sustainably shapes our good name with the public, and therefore also our financial success.

All RUAG International employees have access to both a printed and an electronic version of the Code of Conduct. The latter is also available to third parties, see below. When the Code was introduced, all RUAG International employees were given instruction regarding its content and significance. This instruction is also given to all new staff joining the company, and is additionally provided in stages in the form of an e-learning course.

Our promise

The RUAG International promise describes our aspirations for dealings with all relevant stakeholders. It guides the group on its path into the future.

RUAG International understands individual needs and provides support on an equal footing, as a reliable and trusted partner.

With cutting-edge solutions, RUAG International provides the certainty of reliably fulfilling requirements and objectives.

Today, RUAG International implements trend-setting incentives, so as to make high-precision, superior Performances possible even tomorrow.