Aerostructure Components & Systems

How do independent parts work together? Every value chain consists of individual partners. To understand and manage the complexity of several dynamic parameters is the challenge RUAG Aerostructures prevails with its detail parts manufacturing organization. Under the roof of total cost and in line with customer-quality-requirements this approach leads to a successful value chain. We believe in a collaborative, trust-based relationship between all related partners....

RUAG Aerostructures masters both, a highly efficient in-house production of components and systems as well as managing an international and effective supply chain.

RUAG Aerostructures offers full fabrication capabilities to produce structural aircraft components. RUAG Aerostructures uses innovative manufacturing processes to ensuring production of high-quality, dependable and cost efficient aerostructures.

As part of its comprehensive manufacturing capability, RUAG Aerostructures provides the following production operations:

  • Sheet metal
  • Machining operations
  • Composite and metal bonding
  • Paint and processing
  • Tool design and fabrication

Supply Chain Management (SCM) – the dynamic connection of information flow and component flow including their central planning, management and control. The “Chain” starts with the customer and its various production sites and includes all suppliers and their subcontractors.

As a result of globalization the overall dynamic to pilot all Supply Chain parameters is the main challenge now and in the future.

“Our team of specialists in Switzerland and Germany manages and controls our suppliers from more than 15 different countries and ensures that thousands of single parts arrive at our production line in time, in good quality and on budget. In addition our experts guarantee that we deliver at the stipulated delivery date in best RUAG-certified quality to our customers in Europe and over seas” (Alfons Kaspar, VP Supply Chain Management).

Economic efficiency only can be accomplished, if all parts conform to the customer requirements, both internally and externally.

The definition of the term “Supply Chain Management” at RUAG Aerostructures covers several aspects like Logistics, Material Planning, Procurement, Costing and Tools & Equipment.

Different customers, miscellaneous scenarios and permanently floating parameters – that’s our challenge. We will act globally, produce locally with support in Best Cost Countries (BCC) and cooperate internationally. The dynamics of the market will persist. And the human factor will be the guarantor of our success.