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RUAG Aerostructures is a reliable partner for SAAB, supporting the new Gripen program with payload mountings for the Gripen E /F fighter aircraft....

As a reliable development partner for SAAB, RUAG Aerostructures designs and builds the pylons for the new E/F Gripen version.

Pylons are installations with which additional tanks for fuel, surveillance systems or guided weapons can be attached below the aircraft. These technologically sophisticated components include both electronic as well as mechanical systems and must meet the highest demands regarding aerodynamics and load capacity.

The individual parts of the pylon are produced using many different kinds of production procedure. The centrepiece consists of high precision milled parts of various materials. Semi-finished parts such as cast and forged components are used for this purpose. Sheathing is also produced using stretch forming processes. Welded assemblies and composite fibre components are also processed. In addition a large proportion of the components undergo the surface treatment and crack testing required for aviation.

Eight pylons are supplied per aircraft. The final assembly of the pylons and system integration are carried out using internally developed assembly installations. The pylons are delivered to the end customer in Sweden following surface treatment, crack testing and comprehensive function tests.